We provide services at the highest possible level. Each specialization is represented by an expert, who has been professional in his area for a long time. Absolute and unbreakable rule of our company policy is a total discretion, on which our clients can rely on. It is a fundamental value of our company moral codex.


Missing persons, kidnapping or imprisonment of your loved one in non-democratic regimes is often an unsolvable problem even for state bodies involved. We have the experiences and the advantage of a flexible solution that is not subject to lengthy systemic decisions and principles of foreign policy.

The specialization of our company are foreign operations, aiming to find and rescue hostages or detainees in crisis destinations. Based on an extensive information network we are building more than 25 years, we are able to launch a search, find a contact to potential hijackers and ensure negotiations for the release of the detainee. Given the sensitivity of the service offered, we can not disclose more information nor describe the system and its history. References will be mentioned only in the case of interest about this service, in personal communication.

Search&Rescue is a comprehensive program providing search, ne­go­ti­a­tion with the kidnappers and e­va­cu­a­tion. The most important aspect of this service is the safe home return of the detainees. Human life is the most important for us, therefore, the use of this service may not be consistent with the foreign policy of the state from which the missing person comes.

We are able to provide Search&Rescue in the following areas: Europe, Russia and Russian speaking countries, Middle East, Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia.

Anti Terror Academy

ANTI TERROR ACADEMY – training branch of Agentura, SE is engaged in training of foreign units in the Czech Republic since 2002. 15 years of experience in the training of special forces, police, military and personal protection teams in crisis de­sti­na­tions rank ATAC in the forefront among other companies in this area.

Titan Shooting Academy

Titan Shooting Academy is the training division of Agentura, SE, and is the civil equivalent of the Anti Terror Academy, which is designed exclusively for professional training of state armed forces.

Titan Shooting Academy features a sophisticated training system for shooting training, designed for a wide shooting public. Shooting-tactical procedures are developed and designed to prepare the course attendant for emergencies, that can occur in real life. In the courses we teach using all our experiences, gained from the long-term work in the Anti Terror Academy in the training of special units from all over the world. This guarantees a high level of efficiency and level of training and does not burden the participant with sporting or absurd drills.

Titan Shooting Academy instructors are professionals and always create friendly and gentle learning environment and are responsive to the individual needs of each course participant.

Universal Warrior

A special training program de­ve­loped as a standard for security staff. Extremely demanding course, consisting of 96 hours of continuous training ensures, that only the best ones pass. You no longer need to bother with verifying CVs of job seekers, such as bodyguard, or be unpleasantly surprised to find that the person lied to you in CV. Always insist on UV certificate and you can be sure, that the holder of this certificate and the badge is 100% tested.

Who is a successful UW course graduate?

An universal warrior is a person, who has verified his skills by the harshest way. The man who showed the ability of independent thinking and decision-making under e­nor­mous psychological and physical pressure. A man who has a number of skills such as physical fitness and agility at a high level, shooting under stress, combat swimming, working at heights, first aid, teamwork thinking. But universal warrior is also a man who believes himself, and you can trust in his abilities.

Other services

  • Close protection
  • Detective service
  • UAV service
  • Close protection in hostile environments
  • Cargo protection
  • Facility guards
  • Close protection teams build up
  • Personnel and company security check
  • Security consultancy
  • Special services
  • High risk operations