About us

AGENCY, SE is the European security company, registered in the Czech Republic, which exceeds established standards in quality, approach and range of services for the sector of security agencies. AGENCY, SE was established by true professionals on the basis of more than 25-year experience in all security areas both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Thanks to an extensive network of contacts throughout the world, we are able to guarantee exceptional information and security consultancy, which is necessary for a professional approach to performing the tasks. Here lies the added value, that distinguishes the Agency from other companies on the market. We are ready to quickly respond to your requests anywhere in the world.

We are aware of the sensitivity of the solved cases, therefore dis­cre­tion, the utmost secrecy, and en­crypted communication are a matter of course and guarantee the re­lia­bi­li­ty of our services.


Miroslav Pasterčík

  • Ex-officer of Police of the Czech Republic – S.W.A.T. unit of the capital of Prague
  • 2002 he founded the Anti Terror Academy which provides training of special units worldwide
  • An expert on tactical procedures and special operations of small units
  • Provides services in the field of security throughout the world, especially high-risk operations and safety consulting
  • For 6 years he was a member of the Presidium of the Czech Chamber of detective services
  • He works as a consultant in the construction of training centers abroad
  • Professional consultant in the film industry
  • 25-year experience in security


Operational personnel of the Agency and the Anti Terror Academy in­struc­tors are recruited exclusively from special forces and units of the Police or the Army of the Czech/Slovak Republic. These are experienced pro­fe­ssionals with over 20 years of practice in the security areas and foreign missions.

Security personnel protecting pro­per­ty and persons is certified by UV program that provides progressive improvement, regular training, and re-testing.